Yearly rituals attract returning visitors

How can we create an experience that encourages visitors to return to experience something new? For a spa in the Gothenburg area, we develop the creative concept for yearly spa rituals.


How do we get visitors to return to the same spa over and over again? As the range of competing experiences on offer keeps on growing, Sankt Jörgen Park spa needed to find a way to continuously renew their offering (without having to rebuild the spa every other year).


Even if the physical environment of the spa stays basically the same, the visitor experience can have almost infinite variety – through different treatments, scents and themes that trigger the imagination.


The Yearly Spa Ritual creates a new, limited edition experience every year. A new theme inspires a series of chosen products with a unique scent profile. The theme takes physical shape through a pattern used for packaging, in the branded environment at the spa entry as well as in advertising.


The spa rituals of Sankt Jörgen Park have become a distinctive feature of its spa, continuously evoking interest and attracting visitors.

Sankt Jörgen Park
Hotel & spa
Gothenburg, Sweden

Sankt Jörgen Park is a unique facility in the Gothenburg area, combining a hotel, conference venues, a sport club, golf course and restaurants as well as a spa.

We did

  • Pattern design
  • Packaging