Strategic storytelling shows visionary opportunities

Do we want people logging into Facebook using their safe, secure, regulated bank identity? Or do we want people logging into the bank using their Facebook identity? That banks should be the guardians of Digital ID is at the core of the new positioning strategy and sales narrative we developed to help the world-leader in digital security, Gemalto, reach their customers in the banking sector.


Changing customer behavior, demanding regulations and increasing competition are reshaping the financial landscape into a whole new ecosystem. Young hyperconnected users expect a seamless experience, and Fintechs are employing technologies like AI, blockchain and open API:s to provide it. How can digital security company Gemalto help banks be more relevant than ever, in this changing landscape?


Digital identities are the key to unlocking many of the vast possibilities of the digital world. In 2018, there’s already an estimated 3.5 billion digital identities being used over and over again, in a constant loop of enrollment and authentication. Banks are uniquely placed to provide the infrastructure for digital identity – because they are trusted, have the expertise and the resources.


We developed a strong narrative that clarifies the opportunities for banks in the new digital landscape, and how Gemalto can help them to be successful. The tools needed to build a successful digital identity solution, including identification, authentication and risk management to maintain the right level of security for each interaction, is a central part of Gemalto’s offer towards banks.


The strategy takes shape in a strong, clear and easy to use presentation for use in high level meetings. It integrates Gemalto’s offer towards banks in an inspiring, easy to follow and visionary narrative.

Vision film

The most visionary part of the storytelling is a film that shows how for customers, one trusted digital ID opens up a world of possibilities – safeguarded by the bank.

We visualize an infinity loop of enrollment and authentication to show how they are not once-only, linear processes, but rather an ongoing loop centered around digital ID and risk management.

Digital security
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With 15 000 employees in 48 countries, French Gemalto is the world leader in digital security. Delivering embedded software, platforms and services to governments and the world’s best known businesses.

We did

  • Positioning strategy
  • Visualized strategy
  • Core narrative
  • Film

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