Making the world a smarter place to pay

From strategic advice to campaign execution, Brandwork supports world leader in digital security Gemalto in promoting smarter and more secure ways to pay – worldwide. We target banks, retailers, payment programs and consumers to help them move on to mobile or contactless payments.


How can we convince different markets to dare to take the leap to new methods of payment? There’s not a simple one size fits all solution for markets with different levels of maturity and development paths. From the US where the switch to chips cards is just now happening, to Australia where contactless payments are commonplace, to Sweden where peer-to-peer mobile payments has reached massive scale. Gemalto turned to Brandwork with the task of helping banks, financial institutions, payment programs and consumers see how they can move on to mobile or contactless payments?


The first and most important step is showing what a great experience the new payment method creates for end users. Decision-makers need to see and feel how contactless or mobile payments will improve their customers’ lives, or at least their shopping experience. The rational business case and in-depth analysis comes next.


We take a strategic approach to coordinated omni-channel communication with different themes, such as contactless for the US market where the switch to chip cards is still painful, or wearable payment for major events. Each theme is communicated through a website, event presence, blog posts, e-mail campaigns and promoted content on Twitter & LinkedIn to drive traffic. More in-depth content is added over time to create return visits and keep interest up. Added value content is also used to collect leads & contact info.


With a focus on the end user experience and solid business case to back it up, we help Gemalto position themselves as a point of reference for contactless and mobile payment. The partner banks, financial institutions and payment programs can trust, enabling them to dare take the leap to new methods of payment. Ultimately making sure that consumers all over the world get more secure and smarter ways to pay.

To introduce contactless cards on a wider scale to the American market, a necessary first step is educating both banks and consumers on how contactless works. We created a platform for editorial content that enables Gemalto to be the go-to reference for contactless in the US.

We drive traffic to the campaign webpage from social media by showing just how easy paying contactless really is – just as easy as swiping, pressing a button or turning a dial.

Illustrations, animations and photos explain everything from user experience and perceived threats to value proposition and business benefits.

Dynamic code verification replaces the static security code on the back of a credit card with a dynamic code. We chose to show this new possibility in a series of mockumentaries, animation and a story driven web page.

Digital security

With 15 000 employees in 48 countries, French Gemalto is the world leader in digital security. Delivering embedded software, platforms and services to governments and the world’s best known businesses.

We did

  • Campaign strategy
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  • E-mail, Twitter & LinkedIn campaigns
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