Co-creative brand development drives innovation

Göteborgs-Posten, the largest daily newspaper in the city of Gothenburg and one of the biggest in Sweden, needed to reposition themselves and rapidly move to a sustainable digital subscription business model. In an agile brand development process, we brought people from all parts of the organisation together and new collaborations between editorial, tech and marketing teams enabled rapid business, product and service development.


The competition is harshening all across the media landscape, as local actors are fighting with global giants to attract and keep people’s attention. The pace of change is constantly increasing. For a newspaper with over a hundred years of history, keeping up with the times is a daily challenge. Both business development and brand development are necessary – and neither one can wait for the other.


The entire organization must get involved in the change and work towards the same goal, both in marketing, sales and the editorial teams. Organizational barriers must be broken, getting everyone working together to make the core business of local journalism as successful as possible. Managing so much change over a short timespan demands an agile process – while developing the brand strategy, we tested our hypotheses in smaller projects that get fast results.


The brand strategy was developed throughout a series of workshops that gathered people from different parts of the organization, including many who had never worked together before. Through collaboration, new insights and new possibilities come to the fore. The process itself helps gather the entire organization around a common purpose: real journalism that makes a difference. When everyone’s working with a shared idea of what the newspaper is really all about, the brand speeds up development of both products, services and communication. The packaging may differ, but whether it’s the printed paper, digital subscriptions, sales material or an event, the core offer is the same: local quality journalism.


At a record-breaking pace, Göteborgs-Posten switched over to a digital subscription business model where journalism is funded more by readers than by ads. Collaboration between departments and colleagues with varied skillsets in the agile process has enabled rapid product, service and business development, including for instance new subscription models and a whole new event concept. And the development continues.

Tagline launch

The new tagline of Göteborgs-Posten – Real journalism makes a difference – is launched with a movie built on real news content. Fast-paced, a little rough around the edges, and focused on what really matters to people.

Gothenburg, Sweden

Göteborgs-Posten is the largest newspaper in Sweden’s second biggest city, focused on local quality journalism across all channels. It is a part of the media group Stampen together with 13 other newspapers.

We did

  • Brand strategy
  • Brand film
  • Event concept