Brand sprint for a life science start-up

A technical innovation with great potential, a short time frame and a small budget in the first step while searching further funding was the starting point for the development of the first iteration of the OnDosis brand.


With no product to show yet and the first prototype based on a technical innovation still in development, how can you reach prospective investors and convince them of the solution’s potential? Entrepreneurial CEO Martin Olovsson is collaborating with Astra Zeneca, GU Ventures and BCG for the first step of prototype development, and needs to attract investors to gain more funding for later stages.


A short timeline and tight budget means that a fast process is essential. With the prototype still in development, focus needs to be on getting the positioning and value propositions right – or at least right enough to enable taking the next step.


We named the brand OnDosis because that’s what it does: makes sure that you’re on the right dose. Period. The focus is on the benefits for patients rather than the technology behind the product. The brand identity builds on the dynamic between the personalized and the technical, in both the logotype, color palette, typography and image style.


The start-up was launched with a first brand iteration that functions as a stepping-stone for further development. The brand identity has an attention-catching interplay between a tech start-up vibe and a personal and friendly mood.

Positioning Narrowing the field from therapeutics to dosage enables building a stronger brand with a more targeted messaging.

Value propositions

Personalized – individualized dosing at the right time enables titration and disease management. Simple – solving the problem of pills that are hard to administer and swallow with an easy-to-use device, and increasing adherence. Revolutionary – leveraging scientific advances in drug development and health technology to improve patient outcomes.

Life Science
Gothenburg, Sweden

OnDosis is developing a smart drug delivery platform for personalized and connected dosing of medicines. OnDosis builds on a spin out from AstraZeneca with offices in their BioVentureHub in Gothenburg.

We did

  • Brand strategy
  • Brand identity
  • Web development
  • Naming