An award winning house, four golf courses, a new hotel and an entire peninsula. One brand.

Client Öijared

Industry Golf resort and hotel

Founded 1958

Location Öijared, Sweden

Öijared is a peninsula between the lakes Mjörn and Sävelången, and the location of one of Sweden’s largest golf resorts. When a new hotel with 200 beds opened, the Öijared brand needed to grow from a golf-only destination to one that attracts visitors all year round.

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When the project started the Öijared brand primarily represented golf, but the new hotel needed to get bookings in all seasons. That drove the need to find an audience beyond golfers and also start targeting companies and people looking for nature and cultural experiences. The peninsula is rich with history and particular flora and fauna. Our mission was to craft a sustainable brand for the resort to grown into over the coming years.

The main audience for everything Öijared has to offer can be found primarily among those who do have an interest in golf – but who are also curious about other experiences. The core of the brand and communication is that Öijared is like a world of its own. Here you’ll find a unique history, geography, flora and fauna. There are contrasts between peacefulness and activity, the wild nature and the carefully pruned, the far away and the easily accessible, as well as between time for yourself and relaxed socializing.

The complete new offer is collected under the name Öijared, uniting golf, hotel, and activities with the cultural history and nature of the surrounding peninsula. The totality makes the destination. At the same time we develop clear offers combining hotel stays with activities like conferences, outdoor experiences and relaxation. The new visual identity of Öijared departs from local nature and cultural history, with carefully chosen colors and natural materials, as well as unique patterns and illustrations. All communication takes as its starting point what is unique to Öijared.

A visit to Öijared becomes a coherent experience built on the brand, in every detail from a first visit of the website, to how offers are presented, to the reception by staff as well as the interior design and indoor and outdoor signage. The brand platform defines a clear direction for Öijared to keep growing in, enabling the resort to gradually attract more visitors – eventually also reaching audiences without a preexisting interest in golf.

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Patterns and art
We commissioned a unique pattern for Öijared from Emma von Brömssen, and worked together with selected illustrators to produce unique wall decorations for the hotel rooms.

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A complete signage system, based on symbols and letters cut out from solid wood panes painted white.

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