Real journalism makes a difference

Client Göteborgs-Posten

Industry Media

Founded 1813

Location Gothenburg, Sweden

Göteborgs-Posten, the largest daily newspaper in the city of Gothenburg and one of the biggest in Sweden, needed to reposition themselves and rapidly move to a sustainable digital subscription business model. The brand strategy focuses on quality journalism and an all-new design contributes to a better customer experience.

The competition is harshening all across the media landscape, as local actors are fighting with global giants to attract and keep people’s attention. The pace of change is constantly increasing. For a newspaper with over a hundred years of history, keeping up with the times is a daily challenge. Both business development and brand development are necessary – and neither one can wait for the other.

The entire organization must get involved in the change and work towards the same goal, both in marketing, sales and the editorial teams. The visual identity and design solutions should all take the newspaper content as their starting point. Journalistic quality is also about making complicated series of events and good stories accessible – and the task of design is to further that accessibility and enhance the reading experience.

The process itself helps gather the entire organization around a common purpose: real journalism that makes a difference. GP now has an all new identity for all channels. With the goal of making all material feel like a high-quality journalistic product, the design draws on classical newspaper looks. Both the online and paper edition have new, cleaner and more streamlined design that helps guide readers to different types of content. Two completely new typefaces have been drawn especially for GP.

At a record-breaking pace, Göteborgs-Posten switched over to a digital subscription business model where journalism is funded more by readers than by ads. Collaboration between departments and colleagues with varied skillsets in the agile process has enabled rapid product, service and business development, including for instance new subscription models and a whole new event concept.

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New typefaces
Two completely new typefaces where developed especially for Göteborgs-Posten by Letters from Sweden. The inspiration comes from the Dutch typography tradition where some of the most used newspaper typefaces have their origins in the 1600s – just like the Dutch city plan that Gothenburg is built on. In Gothia Sans and Gothia Serif, strong characteristics from Dutch antiquas are integrated in modern typefaces with a Scandinavian design style.

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Editorial products
Both the paper and online edition of Göteborgs-Posten have a new design with a more modern feeling that centers the quality of the content and guides readers to different types of content. Wherever you meet the editorial team’s effort, it’s recognizable.

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Communication and identity
All of Göteborgs-Posten now has a shared visual identity. In all communication and materials there is a close relationship to the editorial core offer.

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