Brandwork Design & Communication
Vallgatan 21
SE 411 16 Göteborg
+46 31 13 45 13

We believe in brands as a tool to forge strong relationships: with the surrounding world and within an organisation. Brands that help people find a shared purpose, encourage them to spread the word and hands-on help them achieve their goals. In short, brands that inspire and drive change.

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We deliver change

We develop brands that are robust and prepared to handle both what we know about the future and what we don’t. And in a world of accelerating change, we focus on getting the most important things done first.

We're a strategic partner

We make the biggest difference when we’re in it for the long run. Making sure that your brand strategy is targeted and up to date, and that your communication always is on strategy and on brand.

We get everyone involved

Strong brands are built through co-creation – by people for people. We know that we’re not the experts on every issue, so we talk to the people who are: consumers, users, employees, partners, the board, just about every stakeholder.

We’re truly international

We manage international projects on a daily basis. Often with project stakeholders and target groups spread out over all different time zones.

We see brand development as an ongoing agile process – it’s a way to be quicker to market, get real feedback sooner rather than later and stay ahead of a rapidly changing world.

Brandwork was founded in 2005. We are strategists, designers, writers and project managers. Our clients are a mix of global leaders, small startups and change agents. Together with a great network of partners we deliver everything from overall strategy to the nuts and bolts of a communication campaign.

We do

  • Brand strategy
  • Brand identity
  • Communication strategy
  • Digital design
  • Film & animation
  • Graphic design
  • Branded environments