Swedens’ fastest growing automotive company partners with Brandwork

CEVT is something as revolutionary as a joint Swedish-Chinese car development center. Since the start two years ago the office in Lindholmen, Gothenburg, has grown from 9 to over 1100 people from 15 different countries. The CEVT Chinese office houses almost another 500 people. Already CEVT plays a key role in developing the cars of the future, designed for the next generation of drivers in the world’s largest car markets.


“Our main challenge at the moment is attracting the right people from all over Europe,” says Stefan Lundin, Communication Manager at CEVT. “We need to develop our brand to position us as a key player in the automotive industry – in Sweden and internationally. We’re in a phase of strong growth and will need to attract a number of competencies in the close future to be able to deliver with the pace and the quality we want.”


The automotive company CEVT has chosen to partner with Brandwork to develop their corporate brand in order to attract talent from all over Europe. Brandwork is honoured to be a part of CEVT’s fast-moving and exciting journey.