Municipality of Varberg. Inhabitants: 60 400 (2014). Location: West coast of Sweden.

Re-branding Varberg

Varberg partnered with Brandwork to strengthen Varberg’s brand and develop a completely new brand platform.

Departing from Varberg’s deeply rooted Vision 2025, in close cooperation with working groups at the municipality and through workshops and interviews with citizens, business leaders, civil society and decision-makers, Brandwork developed Varberg’s brands.

Varberg, a vibrant seaside town south of Gothenburg on the Swedish west coast, is a popular summertime destination – with so much more to offer. It is also an area with strong growth that needs to attract more inhabitants, students, skilled labor and entrepreneurs. Here you’ll find innovative industries, lively local culture and nature always just around the corner. Since 2011 the municipality’s strategic efforts are focused around the vision to become the creative center of the west coast.

Project / A place brand for Varberg

A place that inspires

Brandwork delivered brand strategy and brand identity for the place brand Varberg. Under the catchphrase “Varberg inspires” the place brand is meant to position Varberg as both an attractive destination and an area of strong growth: a great place to live, work or run a business. The identity of the place Varberg dares to be unexpected, vibrant and varied. Its playfulness captures the local dynamic spirit.

Varberg inspires. A place where the city meets the sea, where history stays alive, with a very special relationship to water – a place where ideas can grow.

Project / Organizational brand for Varbergs Kommun

Reinvigorating the municipality’s brand

The brand of Varbergs kommun will aid to strengthen the municipality’s role as a force for positive development, to bolster pride and unity among the municipality’s co-workers and to make the municipality an attractive employer. The municipality’s identity becomes accessible, simple and credible. It is shaped by the municipality’s catchwords new thinking, go-ahead spirit, knowledge and courage.