Industry: Real estate Founded: 2007 Headquarters: Göteborg, Sweden

Stadshem reinvents themselves. again.

In 2007, Gothenburg’s most innovative real estate agent opened shop. Dealing exclusively with flats in buildings constructed prior to1965 along with residential homes built before 1970, this team, possessing a wealth of knowledge about architecture and history, has consistently crafted top quality promotional material with striking photography, thereby making their mark as one of western Sweden’s major real estate agents. In short, they are the go-to agents, often shared on social media and achieving better sales prices than their competition.

Only now Stadshem is reinventing themselves. Again. Sharpening their focus and polishing their presentation to once again set themselves apart and far ahead of the competition. Larger images, hand-crafted illustrations, more articles within their field of expertise, architecture and the history of style. Plus a website that navigates just as easily on your smart phone as on a computer.

“Many other real estate agents were copying our approach,” says AnnaCecilia Björk, the Managing Director of Stadshem, “so it was time to take the next step.”

“Stadshem is genuinely interested in the homes they commit to – firmly anchored in the history of the location and the buildings. So instead of a sales-at-any-price approach, we shoot for inspiration by showcasing beautiful, exciting and appealing homes. This is how we spread the Stadshem message. In the process, we also inspire people far beyond the buyer of a specific property,” is how Viktor Ehrenberg, Creative Director at Brandwork, the brand agency Stadshem has chosen to partner with, puts it.

In the words of Mattias Lantto, the founder of Stadshem: “Anyone can shout, but that’s not our style. Our aim is to spread knowledge, to work with what we love. True dedication attracts clients and our experience clearly reflects this.”

The all-new Stadshem invites you to visit their site at And to come to showings throughout the Gothenburg region.