Industry: Seam sealing and reflecting tapes for sportswear and workwear
Founded: 1970 Headquarters: Halden, Norway

Redefining the value Norwegian challenger brings to the table

Loxy, formerly known as Sto-Nor, is a market leading distributor and producer of seam sealing and reflective tapes. Although possessing great authority and respect among peer companies, operating in a business-to-business market where micro-improvements is the talk of the town doesn’t make for a lot of buzz.

Sto-Nor felt that the company could not provide a unified front across its multiple business areas such as Medtech, Sportswear and Workwear. The need for a brand makeover was evident.

To solve the problem and bring the brand into the spotlight, Sto-Nor turned to professional brand agencies, and had them suggest a suitable solution to the problem. After much consideration the final choice of partnership fell upon the Gothenburg based agency Brandwork.

The assignment at hand consisted of finding a new long-term brand strategy for Sto-Nor and its Loxy product lines, by creating an overarching platform that the entire company could rally behind.

Finding the DNA

By switching the focal point from what to why, Brandwork managed to humanize an otherwise very technical product and make it more interesting. By rewriting the entire DNA of the brand – from revolving around singled out products to focusing on what the products were a part of; namely such things as extreme-sports wear and fire-fighter gear, to name a few – they devised that even big pictures are all about the details, because nothing is ever stronger than its weakest point.

From this new insight stemmed a new brand strategy that allowed the company a more direct and unified way to present themselves. The brand divisions became clear and at the same time allowed for staff members to proudly be able to talk about what they where doing at work: making the most effective sports-, work- and medical gear come together!

Along with the transformation of the brand came the name change. Swapping the hereditary Sto-Nor name for the fresh brand-name Loxy was a big change that was not definitive at first. However, after due deliberation it was decided that Sto-Nor needed a new name to fit the more modern and unified feel of the brand.


The results

The changes – everything from how distinct but formalized the different business areas and their webpages had become, to how the company presented itself with their new look and name – was very well received by both the staff on the floor as well as by the executives.

After their new Loxy profile was launched in May 2013, the senior staff members have begun to notice an increase in brand recognition and a lot of the company’s employees are now keener to talk about their workplace amongst family and peers due to the brand being more graspable, both visually and conceptually.

Loxy is the brand that went from being manufacturers of seam sealing and reflective tapes to the co-creators of extreme work- and sports gear by siding with Brandwork.

“We are very pleased with the results! With little to no hiccups they created stunning results. The company has received a lot of positive feedback, both from employees and customers. Working with Brandwork has been great!” – Marit Holm Karlsen, Loxy

Project / Sales support campaigns

Storytelling to maintain client relationships

In the fall of 2015, LOXY turned to Brandwork with a new challenge – how to maintain close relationships with customers with a temporarily smaller sales organisation. 

We developed a series of campaigns, each with its dedicated campaign page on the LOXY site and distributed  via email to existing clients and prospects. Each campaign tells a visual and captivating story that highlights LOXY’s core values and product advantages.