Industry: Electronics Founded: 2006 Headquarters: Amsterdam, Netherlands Revenue: 2.4 billion (2013) Employees: 12 000

A strategic partnership with B2B world leader in digital security

World leader in digital security, Gemalto, has, since 2010, chosen Brandwork as a partner for communication strategy and execution.

Brandwork delivers strategy, concepts, design, communication and execution for a global market.

Since 2010 Gemalto has almost trippled it’s stock value, and in Gartner’s magic quadrant for user authentication, Gemalto has moved from “niche player” to “global leader”.

Project / Mobile Banking

A global campaign positioning security as an enabler of convenient mobile banking

“Most people aren’t that interested in banking”. Starting with a study made on young people in the US, UK, Mexico, Brazil and Singapore, the campaign is about how banks, by improving security and convenience, can offer better services, and thereby developing stronger customer relationships.

In a time when people have stopped trusting their bank, it’s crucial for banks not to loose all qualitative contact with their customers. And digital security is a key asset for banks in developing trusted and fruitful digital relationships with their customers.

Brandwork has delivered strategy, concept, film, web page and campaign management. “A trusted mobile bank” is aimed at decision makers in medium and large banks around the world. It was launched in chosen digital and social media.

Project / Gemalto for Banks

Communication strategy and concept for financial services & retail business line

Gemalto’s offering for banks is complex and consists of everything from chip cards to mobile software and professional services. Brandwork was tasked with the challenge to make sense of it all.

We focused on the value Gemalto offers it’s customers rather that the specific products, services and solutions. Starting with the consumer and telling the story of how Gemalto, by way of understanding consumer behaviour, can help banks build better customer relationships, improve efficiency and stay ahead of the curve.

Project / Brand identity

14000 employees. 46 countries. 6 industry segments. 1 brand.

How to make sense of a very diverse offering? And how to create a brand identity that works across all continents? This was the challenge Brandwork was tasked with when asked to redesign the Gemalto brand identity. We choose to focus on the value that Gemalto offers it’s 1,5 billion end users. And how Gemalto enables it’s clients to offer trusted and convenient digital services to their customers.

Brandwork delivered the design for and complete brand guidelines for everything from printed collateral, event materials and presentations to interactive interfaces and films.

Project / Dynamic code verification

Secure – and stupid simple.

Dynamic code verification (DCV) is a cvv coe that changes every 20 minutes. Our task was to explain to banks all over the world how that very simple idea can make a huge difference for their customers.